Berkeley Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecasts 2023

Berkeley Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecasts 2023

  • Robert Parker
  • 08/3/23

Berkeley, California, has previously been recognized as one of the best cities to live in the United States. Home to one of California’s most prestigious universities and ideal weather year-round, the city’s proximity to some of the Golden State’s greatest attractions makes it a prime location. Berkeley remains a highly desirable location for many, as is reflected by the housing market in recent years. Let’s take a look at the Berkeley real estate market and what to expect for the remainder of 2023.

Berkeley housing market prices, trends, and forecasts 2023

The Bay Area’s real estate market kicked off the year with uncertainty as the market finally began cooling off in late 2022. While this is a stark contrast from the hot market induced by the pandemic, this will likely be a positive change as it will stabilize the market.

Berkeley is currently a seller’s market with a median selling price of $1,465,000. Home prices have dropped slightly since last year. While the price drop is encouraging to potential buyers, it is important to note that listings have also dropped, meaning that demand is still high in the area. The city has reported a record low of listings for the first time in 20 years. There are fewer homes for sale in Berkeley, but many homes are being sold above the asking price.

Demand remains higher than supply, so those looking to buy will need to act quickly. The average time spent on the market is just over two weeks, with a two-day increase from last year. The average sale time in June 2023 was 16 days as opposed to 14 days in the same month in 2022. The properties in this area are unique, so if you see something you are interested in, it is best to take action, as houses are typically one of a kind.

Sellers have the advantage in today’s market

As a seller, your investment is going to pay off significantly. With an increased demand met by a limited supply, buyers are ready to compete for properties in this highly coveted area. Many homes are being sold above the asking price, and most homes in this area sell in under 30 days.

The entire state of California has seen a decline in population since 2022. However, statewide housing increased by 0.85 percent. Many people are leaving the Bay Area due to nationwide inflation, choosing instead to migrate inward to escape the high living costs. Berkeley has seen a significant decrease in population since April 2020. The US Census reported a decrease in the July 2022 population from April 2020 from over 124,000 to just under 119,000.

While many are choosing to migrate to the mountains from the beach, the mountain west simply cannot replicate the beauty of California. The natural beauty around the Bay Area is accompanied by fresh ocean breezes and moderate weather year-round. The magnificent Tilden Regional Park is accessible any time of year for hiking, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of the Botanic Garden. This innovative, culturally rich area has unique draws that are one of a kind. The art scene thrives with museums, theaters, and live music, while the food scene contains the best of California. With its vibrant, natural beauty and cultural scene fueled by creative energy, it is no wonder why Berkeley has been recognized as one of the best places to live.

Intriguing neighborhoods

One of the most interesting and culturally rich areas in all of Berkeley is Poets Corner in the west part of town. The area derives its name from the number of famous writers that visited it frequently, including Robert Frost and Jack Kerouac. Poets Corner lives up to its reputation with unique bookstores and cafes to help inspire creatives. It is close to UC Berkeley, so it is an area that draws in students and other residents who enjoy the local restaurants, parks, and community gardens. Its proximity to Strawberry Creek Park offers a variety of recreational activities, such as tennis and volleyball courts. It is also close to some great dining and shopping options, including the fascinating Hidden Cafe. Some homes in the area have also been recently renovated, refreshing the home while still maintaining the classic charm the area is known for.

What is the best course of action in the current market?

The uncertainty of the Berkeley housing market over the past few years can make the home-buying process seem a little daunting. However, the more information you have, the better prepared you will be to navigate the market. The best option for those who are ready to buy is to connect with a local real estate agent.

Robert Parker and the Parker George Team offer unrivaled financial acumen and housing expertise. Their keen eye and resilience in the Berkeley real estate market make them perfect guides for your home buying or selling journey. Not only do they know architectural details and local hidden gems, but they also make clients feel valued. Always innovating, Robert and his team are as hardworking and passionate outside work, enjoying local attractions and foodie delights while perpetually self-improving. Reach out to them today for a tailored experience.


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Let us be your guide towards your next transition! We help first-time buyers and sellers, those that are looking for either more space or to downsize, and people looking to expand their investment portfolio.

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