A Guide to Selling your Home

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful decisions you’ll make. To prepare you for this moment, you need to know what to expect during the process. This step-by-step seller’s guide created by us will help reduce the stress of selling your home and create the most favorable outcome for your sale.


Step one

Plan your transition

Where to now? Do you already know where you’re moving? Are you staying local or moving out of the area? Are you taking everything with you? Are you considering a rental or another purchase? Is this move short term or long term? If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions it is time to start making decisions. We have the resources and experience to help you navigate a path that will make the process as smooth as possible.


Step two

Prepare home with compass concierge

In today’s market, most properties are first viewed online. You get one first impression and presentation matters in any market. Compass Concierge can allow us to make your home look its best. Get fronted for the cost of valuable updates like painting, floor refinishing, landscaping, and staging with no interest. We will introduce you to our most trusted team of contractors who can handle any transformation, large or small.


Step three

Pricing Strategy

The most important thing you can do to ensure a timely sale is to price your property correctly. Considering factors like the overall East Bay market, what’s currently selling (or sitting) in your neighborhood, work that has been done versus what still needs to be done, and time of year can all benefit or hinder the sale of your home. We will provide data points to discuss and determine the best list price strategy right before going on the market. With this approach we are able to consider the most up to date comparables, current competition of other listings and impact of the current market.


Step Four

Market the home

Now is the time we get to show off your property! We work with real estate specific photographers and videographers to capture the beauty and individuality of your home. From there, we push to have as many eyes on your property as possible. From Print, Social Media Marketing, Emails Campaigns, Custom Branded Websites, Data Syndication, Neighborhood Events, Tours for Agents and Tours for the Public - we will do it all to ensure as many prospective buyers as possible will consider your home.


Step 5

Go into Escrow

After you’ve accepted a buyer's offer we provide a ratified contract to the selling agent and begin the escrow process. For you the seller, this can mean providing escrow with your loan payoff details if you still owe on your property and signing necessary transfer documents with a notary. For the buyer, this can mean depositing funds into escrow, working with their lender for an appraisal, and signing necessary transfer documents as well. The timelines in our area move quickly so we always keep you in the loop on important dates, including when everything is in place to close.


After signing the final paperwork to complete the sale you are one step closer to transferring ownership. It may take a few days for the county to give its official stamp of transfer and see net proceeds hit your account, but you’ve done it.

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